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Стихи Чарльза Бернстина в переводах Яна Пробштейна

Charles Bernstein
From With Strings (2001)
In Place of a Preface a Preface

We used to say the artist would drop away and there would just be the work. Can we go further and say the work drops away and in its place there are stations, staging sites or blank points of radical metamorphosis? Only when we experience this as an emplacement of textuality into material sensory-perceptual fields - turning ever further away from ideality in the pursuit of an ultimate concretion.
             Art is made not of essences but of husks. Hazard will never be abolished by a declaration of independence from causality. But such a declaration may change how hazard is inscribed in our everyday lives.
             As if to create not scales but conditions, not conditions but textures, not textures but projects, not projects but brackets, not brackets but bracelets, not bracelets but branches, not branches but hoops, not hoops but springs, not springs but models, not models but possibilities, not possibilities but plights, not plights but perceptual encounters, not perceptual encounters but live experience, not live experience but three-dimensional conundrums, not three-dimensional conundrums but philosophical buildings, not philosophical buildings but blind spots, not blind spots but virtual structures, not virtual structures but impossible necessities, not impossible necessities but pitchers, not pitchers but moldings, not moldings but pageants, not pageants but straddling heights, not straddling heights but conceptual rejoinders, not conceptual rejoinders but livid exponents, not livid exponents but cross-interventional convocations, not cross-interventional convocations but philosomatic trillings, not philosomatic trillings but blinking sensors, not blinking sensors but curtained encapsulations, not curtained encapsulations but plausibly deniable links, not plausibly deniable links but blinkered alarm, not blinkered alarm but ravishing dissuasion, not ravishing dissuasion but tripping tropes, not tripping tropes but embroidered fans, not embroidered fans but pillars, not pillars but mouthings, not mouthings but plasma, not plasma but branding lights, not branding lights but invented enclosures, not invented enclosures but sifting exposés, not sifting exposés but torque-topped initiations, not torque-topped initiations but philanderous moorings, not philanderous moorings but blurted secrets, not blurted secrets but curling capacities, not curling capacities but prismatic illocutions, not prismatic illocutions but pantomime, not pantomime but mourning, not mourning but placebos, not placebos but blistered ratiocination, not blistered ratiocination but inverting domination, not inverting domination but shifting fabrications, not shifting fabrications but tongue-tooled emanations, not tongue-tooled emanations but philogenerative groundings, not philogenerative groundings but blanket riveting, not blanket riveting but invested détournement, not invested détournement but ...