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Алекс Алферов - художник, поэт и галерист, по происхождению русский, а живет в Лос Анджелесе. 19 ноября, в день, когда Алексу исполнилось 50, на канал #zhurnal люди из разных стран пришли поздравить его и задать вопросы. Ниже следуют фрагменты этой беседы, многоязычной, как сам Интернет. Две работы Алекса Алферова - "Убийца" и "Робин" представлены теперь и в ZR-Галерее.

Session Start: Tue Nov 19 19:43:52 1996

<Delitsin> alex: ok, here you are with ZHURNAL.RU folks and many guests.
<Alex_Alf> Thank you for inviting me to be part of this evening... This is the first time i am communicating this way so please bear with me.
<Delitsin> alex: Qub is Mikhail Asharov - one of the main driving forces behind IZ-Garant Publishing House and a moderator of the previous talk here.
<Alex_Alf> hello mikhail
<Qub> Nice to meet you, Alex!
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<babaj> Hi Alex et al.!
<Alex_Alf> привет, babaj
<babaj> Alex, мне очень понравились ваши работы, особенно в переводе Лени.
<Alex_Alf> спасибо
<Parker> Alex_Alf: добрый вечер.
<babaj> стихи тоже ваши?
<Alex_Alf> Yes, all of the art and poetry is mine, which I have written during the last twenty years of living in Los Angeles, especially in Hollywood. The journal consists of my observations about people who are either trying to make it in this city.
<Alex_Alf> there is a sadness and desperationk to some of these people who are trying to succeed in a town that has little heart
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<Alex_Alf> I tend to edit and edit until i achieve a certain shortness to the words almost like giving the reader visual information about the nature of the human heart. Because I live in the movie industry town my work tends to be fragmented.
* Muxin вернулся и поздоровался
* Delitsin решил показать почтеннейшей публике, о какой поэзии идет речь.
<Delitsin> Все притихли ;)

<MashaSh> -----------------------------
<MashaSh> Кроткая женщина на каблуках,
<MashaSh> истекающая желанием,
<MashaSh> медленно движется вслед за ударами
<MashaSh> мужского члена.
<MashaSh> Мальчишка, не помнящий вчерашнего дня,
<MashaSh> молотит из последних сил,
<MashaSh> наблюдая, как тает и плавится
<MashaSh> живая женщина.
<MashaSh> Она называет себя молодой,
<MashaSh> засасывая удаляющийся член.
<MashaSh> А он чувствует себя слабым и старым
<MashaSh> каждый раз, когда внедряясь,
<MashaSh> судорожно глотая воздух,
<MashaSh> вцепляется в нее перед тем,
<MashaSh> как совершить бросок.
<MashaSh> --------------------------------------------------------

<Delitsin> так вот ;)
<Delitsin> пора начинать официальную часть, да?
<Parker> Очень хорошо. "Вслед за ударами" - это очень хорошо.
<Qub> Я так думаю, может, начать ее с монолога?
<Delitsin> Я представляю художника и поэта Алекса Алферова
<babaj> I also wrote poetry, and your seeing/feeling is very familiar to me.
<Alex_Alf> This poem that Masha had translated is about the age difference between some of my friends when they try to reach out and connect with each other.
<Delitsin> Алекс Алферов (который тут, похоже, быстро освоился) руководит студией Self Help Graphics искусства Chicanos в Лос-Анжелесе. Alex понимает по-русски и даже отвечает, просто IRC + русский сразу - это слишком много.
<babaj> Alex: прошу прощения за глупый вопрос - а кто такие Chicanos?
<Alex_Alf> I am talking about the city of Los Angeles that is very large. Hollywood is a section of Los Angeles.
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<Alex_Alf> Chicanos eto Mexicans who have lived for more than one generation in America. Some of these families have come from Mexico and have settled in Los Angeles, and have settled in different parts of California. They are the original people that lived here before. Short answer - they are Mexican Americans with political views.
<Delitsin> Alex_Alf: how come that you started to work with chicanos?
<Qub> Well, what are their views? Do you mean some sort of the feaver Latin America is still influenced with?
<Alex_Alf> I was looking for a publisher to publish my art. Self Help Graphics is located in the city where a lot of Mexican Americans live.
<babaj> what are their political views?
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<Alex_Alf> I understood their cultural background and their issues to assimilate, because I come from a different cultural background. Political views tend to be liberal to slightly conservative. The family structure is conservative because of their Catholic upbringing. Their need to get an education and be able to compete with the status quo can make them also very radical.
<Delitsin> alex: one more question from our list - what is specific about Chicanos art? what's the difference with American Indians' or Mexican art?
<Alex_Alf> Chicano art born from the struggle of these people to assimilate. They have been manipulated by the Catholic religion and all of the mores of that sect. When they do art they instinctlively borrow from their Ancient American roots (Aztec, Incas).
<MOHAX> Alex_Alf: what about the wide spread opinion that Chicano is usually a gang member of Mexican origin?
<Delitsin> Alex_Alf: about the dead procession. We read that this is a Mexican tradition yet you mention Scotland. What's the story and why Scotland?
<Alex_Alf> Chicano is actually a proud way to call each other, to respect the culture from which they have come and assimilated into a larger more American culture. Chicana for woman, chicano for men, is a proud and respectful way for them to say.
<Alex_Alf> Day of the Dead is a ceremony that is observed more in the villages of Mexico than the cities. It is a two day holiday. The first day is for the children who have died and the second day is for the adults. This holiday takes place the first two days in November. The family goes to the cemetery where they prepare the graves, put flowers on them bring the deceased favorite food. After the second day they return with some of the food back to their homes and have a large supper where they remember the people that have died in their lives.
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<Alex_Alf> Last year we had an exchange of artists from Scotland around the time of our annual day of the dead celebrations. They were very impressed with the peagentry of the celebration and asked us to go to Scotland and present a week of day of the dead activity.
<babaj> Alex: is death inspiring?
<Alex_Alf> Death is inspiring because it reminds us that we have a short time here. Whatever we feel we need to do, we better do it. Other then that death gives us a chance to stop and remember.
<babaj> Your personal attitude to death?
<Alex_Alf> Today i have reached fifty, so you can imagine it is different then if I was nineteen. But i think the Mexican have thought me not to be afraid and to remember that life and death are a process of a larger eventuality.
<babaj> Yes, birthday - it'a always about death. And life.
<Alex_Alf> I think you wish that death would come like a old lover, gently and lovingly. American have a very unrealitic view of death. They do plastic surgery. They over eat. They do compulsive things, things that mazke them feel alive. So to them death is to be avoided at all cost.
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<Delitsin> Alex: yes! plastic surgery - Modarte would be the next question! ;)
<Alex_Alf> What the mexicans are trying to tell you is not to be afraid, is to remeber and to keep friends because without them when you die you are forgotten which i think is the worst things about dying.
<Delitsin> Alex: you said they started from transwesttite beauty contest.
<Alex_Alf> Modarte is a project that I and four other artists have established about four years ago. It is a celebration of day without art, a day December 1, when designers and artists remember their friends who have died of aids. Usually we do a fashion show or wearable art and sing, dance, have a good time for the dead. It is a very glamorous and funny evening.
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<Delitsin> alex: LA Queen - what is that?
<babaj> do they (dead) give you some signs back?
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<Alex_Alf> La Queen is another event that we host... where we invite tranvestites to compete in the ultimate beauty contest.
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<babaj> Do you think transvestites are beauty?
<Alex_Alf> I think to be able to see different sides of your female-male is interesting. I myself would make a very ugly woman but there are many who are quite beautiful. There is a sadness to them almost like a kabuki tragedy.
<KPbICKA> I think this is about the idea that you can be who you choose to be...
<Delitsin> Alex_Alf: interestingly - Dmitri Prigov - our previous speaker - his best page is made by homosexuals, and he had some poetic reflections on that, especially youth memories.
<babaj> You should have a very strong sense of humour. Because you feel sadness and know death.
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<Alex_Alf> I think that is where my russian is strong. Laughter through tears. Writers like Gogol. Being raised by hysterics also gives one a sense of humor.
<Delitsin> alex: as we touched writing - you wrote some poetry. Anton Nosik who is not here yet asked a question about poetry + painting.
<Alex_Alf> Yes, the poetry is being edited, it spans my childhood. Growing up under my grandmothers influence, she was a white russian countess who had to escape the reds. Then my mother having the germans bomb and have a house. Collapse on her. My father's drinking. And my grandfathers molestation of me, I either will kill you or give you a sense of humor. That is what my writing is about.
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<sadko> Alex, разрешите поздравить Вас с юбилеем. :)
<Alex_Alf> thank you sadko for your kind message.
<Delitsin> учтите - по-русски говорить можно :)
* Snezhka застенчиво waves лапой
<Snezhka> С днем рождения
<Delitsin> Тем более на том диком жаргоне, что мы тут изъясняемся.
<babaj> alex: видели ли вы Zhunal.ru?
<Delitsin> Alex: more on your book
<Alex_Alf> да, я видел
<rrrr> Alex_Alf: откуда произошло название "Chicanos"?
<Alex_Alf> I thought i answered that it is a political way for Mexican Americans to mind you of their heritage.
<rrrr> Alex_Alf: я так и знал.
<Snezhka> Alex: какую музыку Вы слушаете? :))
<babaj> alex: хочу предложить вам поместить в нашу Галерею несколько ваших работ (с русскими переводами стихов) - такой виртуальный подарок от Zhurnala.Ru.
<rrrr> Alex_Alf: каким образом творчество русского художника настолько пронизано мексиканским духом?
<Alex_Alf> I slushau Sting, Joni Mitchell, Enigma, Gypsy Kings, Prince. I have a very after the 60's, definetely not the disco, but music that is both rock and jazz.
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<Snezhka> uhu
<MashaSh> 60, начало 70-х
<Snezhka> alex: а русскую музыку?
<Snezhka>И что вы читаете? Вы расскажите.
<sadko> Alex, вы давно эмигрировали из России?
<Alex_Alf> babushka loved tango music, we have a russian channel, but every time I listen to it I feel that I am back in the 50's. I do not get to hear a lot of contemporary russian music, sadly.
<Alex_Alf> sadko: I am here since I was nine years old. and I was born in Yugoslavia after my grandmother settled there to escape the reds. So I am a citizen of this country, but I feel like an alien. I do not belong here or anywhere.
<Snezhka> хотя вы не можете стать президентом :))
<Qub> Alex: still? after so many years?
<KPbICKA> AA - why are you sad you do not get to hear russian music?
<Alex_Alf> Well it would be great to go back to those evenings where my grandf mother would hold court and all of the russians would gather and talk about music, art, drink vodka. That is what I miss.
<KPbICKA> AA - did you choose not to belong?
<sadko> alex. so what is it? What's the problem of feeling a good american citizen?
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<MashaSh> KPbICKA it happens sometimes, you know.
<Snezhka> alex: почему же вы не устраиваете ностальгических вечеринок?
<Alex_Alf> Well, it would be wonderful if I have had the money to fly and be among you...
<Delitsin> Alex_Alf: yes, talking, music, and vodka ;)
<Alex_Alf> And dancing... I miss the dancing. I used to be a dancer in my twenties in Los Angeles with the ballet.
<sadko> ... :) тут однако собирается весь IRCшный бомонд. :)
<Alex_Alf> Well, I think my grandmother made most of the choices, the dr zhivago of the group
<Snezhka> alex: you miss your Grandma? When did she die?
<Delitsin> alex: babaj is inquiring whether some of your works can be published at Russian Internet magazine.
<Snezhka> какая она была?
<Alex_Alf> she died in late 70 at 69.
<Alex_Alf> Of course it can I would like to be able to continue this dialogue through my writing and art.
<babaj> Thank you, we'll do it.
<Alex_Alf> Now I must say that I am not very adept when it comes to this machine, so I would need a lot of help to make your suggestion a success.
<Delitsin> Alex_Alf: two more questions - what is Sasha Romanoff and what will be your memoirs about?
<Alex_Alf> Romanoff is my name, Shasha the nickname and Romanoff the son of Roman. I use this because I am a diplomat of sorts. For my organization Self Help Graphics, they know me as s Alex Alferov. I am both. I think the beauty of being russian is the fact that you are given so many identities when you are born.
* babaj applauses
* babaj also has many names
<Alex_Alf> The memories are mine, I think of Roman Polanski when i read some of the work. I would like to eventually make a series of films beginning with my grandmothers life and ending with mine.
<Delitsin> Alex: about L.A. - any other cities in the US you love? Alex: what is so special about L.A. besides you live there ;)
<Alex_Alf> I love Boston when we first immigrated here we were sponsored by the Tolstoy Foundation. We moved to Boston.
<Delitsin> aga, nu po chasti Bostona vse russkie, navernoe, soglasyatsya ;)
<Alex_Alf> I love Boston. Seattle. Chicago and San Francisco, but I love Los Angeles. Big. Ugly. Hard to manuever. But it is unique one of a kind smog and oranges, blonds and plastic. Dreams do come true and then they brainwash the rest of the world. That is L.A. That is Hollywood.
<sadko> Alex_Alf, have you lived in Europe?
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<Alex_Alf> Yes, born in Belgrade in 46, immigrated to Munich in 50.
<Delitsin> ага, приблизились к теме киллера ;)
<sadko> Alex_Alf.. what don't you like in Europe compared to US?
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<Alex_Alf> I love Europe. There is little of hate. It has a culture. The whole palace is a giant gallery. There is nothing like this in USA. We are a plastic jungle. But then I love both.
<Alex_Alf> I did a poem Killer. A great title.
<Delitsin> Alex: yes, and we even translated it ;)
<Alex_Alf> For a surreal reality in Los Angeles if you have to move, get around, you need the freeways and the car. So now we have people who take guns on the freeway and shoot at each other just like Jesse James and wild West. You see, it is still a young country. I love the fact that a stranger can kill yousimply because you drive too fast or too slow. But now I understand, Russia is a the new wild West with the same kind of frontier mentality as the peoiple with culture deal with the people who want to make the quick money.
<Delitsin> alex: sort of ;)
<rrrr> Alex_Alf: what do you think about the movie "Falling Down"?
<Alex_Alf> "Falling down"... Funny, but I live in that environment. White men who have had all the power are getting frustrated and they are behaving like any other baisc animal. I think it happens more and more... sadly.
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<rrrr> Alex_Alf: would it ever happen to you?
<Alex_Alf> No, because I have all my life been forced to deal with anxiety and anger. I would have been dead by now if I reacted on those negative impulses. But through being an artist and the ability to throw up experiences in a creatrive manner is like therapy on a daily basis. if I was not creative I would have been a killer of sorts.
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<Alex_Alf> hi gella thank you for participating.
<Delitsin> alex: ok, so let us paste your poem ;)
<sadko> Alex_Alf.. could you explain a bit more about being a killer?
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<Delitsin> sadko: his poem follows! ;)
<Alex_Alf> Each time someone looks at you the wrong way, eventually if you are in a bad mood your thoughts turn dark we kill in many ways not answering someone who loves you forgetting someone who needs. We kill in small ways THE ONES THAT GO OVER THE TOP.
<rrrr> Alex_Alf: I saw some of your pictures on the WWW. They didn't help me in any way. Did I look at them at the wrong angle?
<Alex_Alf> how did you want them to help you?
<Delitsin> Alex: 1 sec ;)
* Delitsin знакомит присутствующих со стихами Алекса.
<sadko> waiting for poems.. :)
<Delitsin> "Killer"

<MashaSh> -------------------------------------------
<MashaSh> Убийца
<MashaSh> Сидящим в черной машине
<MashaSh> мальчикам и мужчине
<MashaSh> в формах
<MashaSh> идет синий цвет.
<MashaSh> С красными огнями
<MashaSh> светофоров, не спеша,
<MashaSh> флиртует револьверный фейерверк
<MashaSh> Меня ведут
<MashaSh> на станцию
<MashaSh> под скрещение фривеев,
<MashaSh> где тюремные сторожа
<MashaSh> отворачиваются,
<MashaSh> игнорируя приведение в исполнение.
<MashaSh> Меня ставят к стенке
<MashaSh> Улыбку! - черным и белым
<MashaSh> шашкам камеры.
<MashaSh> Успеваю услышать лязг ружья,
<MashaSh> скрип шин
<MashaSh> и падение тела.
<MashaSh> Той ночью,
<MashaSh> застывший у телевизора,
<MashaSh> похожий на дикаря
<MashaSh> на пастельном наброске,
<MashaSh> раздумывая, не изменить ли лицо,
<MashaSh> краду парик,
<MashaSh> по мере того, как расправляешь плечи,
<MashaSh> размышляя, исчезнет ли возбуждение,
<MashaSh> когда придет время повернуться назад.
<MashaSh> В камере
<MashaSh> письмо поверх стертой просьбы о пощаде.
<MashaSh> Во тьме светится виселица.
<MashaSh> Чувствую запах чужого жара.
<MashaSh> Вой вдоль пещеры. В джунгли
<MashaSh> карабкаюсь по веревочной лестнице.
<MashaSh> Я свободен.
<MashaSh> Мне не нужна полная луна, чтобы убивать
<MashaSh> В любое время дня -
<MashaSh> что угодно:
<MashaSh> лишний жест
<MashaSh> сделают тебя невидимым.
<MashaSh> Незаменимых людей нет.
<MashaSh> ------------------------------------------------

<Delitsin> sadko: da, est' URL: http://www.selfhelpgraphics.com/
<Alex_Alf> Thank you Masha for your translations.
<Delitsin> так - прошу вопросы
<Delitsin> Alex: from MOHAX
<MashaSh> nu, translations не мои-то, а Делицына
<Alex_Alf> horosho spasiba anyways
<Delitsin> Alex: about tattoos and art. MOHAX believes it's the same culture and not big difference. Your comments.
<Alex_Alf> Tatoos and art. A youth thing. Many do it. Pierce nipple and tongue is now the fashion. Also private parts for more sensation. Are you thinking of doing all or some? Do you have a tattoo? Art and tatoo is more a white boys fancy.
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<Trahel> Sorry, have to leave
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<rrrr> Alex_Alf: I'd like to continue the conversation about your art. When I am watching Malevich's "The Black Square" - it calms me down. Do you expect a similar effect on the spectator?
<Alex_Alf> No there is nothing calming about twisted faces and contrasting colors. I am not trying to calm the person but relating it to the writing.
<rrrr> Alex_Alf: very interesting. In what way does it _help_ then??
<Alex_Alf> Almost as though hand in hand illustration to the writing or images to the thoughts. I don't know if it helps. I studied color theory and there is a very correlation between color fields and emotional states.
* babaj says to help to be calm means to help to be dead
<Delitsin> официальная часть завершилась
<rrrr> Alex_Alf: a bit of a private question : have you ever used LSD while making art?
<Alex_Alf> I used LSD to look at the art after I made it. I waited a very long time before I experimented... too many nightmare stories. But when I did it was a spiritual. I had a large body of work that I wasn't sure good or bad. After i took LSD it cleared up and opened up paths. So for me it was a good thing.
<babaj> Alex: what do you think about Castaneda (Carlos, I mean)?
<Alex_Alf> Carlos... many young students have read him and used him as if he was a prophet of sorts. A visionary generation chooses writers and artists that tend to speak for a group. He is one of these writers.
<babaj> Alex: спасибо за беседу. Еще раз поздравляю. Счастливо!