Procession of Simulacra

Mirza Babayev

Dedicated to Jean Baudrillard

Baudrillard has taught that, in postmodern condition, reality disappears.
Signs that served reality now usurp it.
The meaning of the sign becomes, from now on, not a thing but another sign.
When reality is reduced to a procession of signs referring one to another, it becomes hyperreality.

Hyperreality is seduction plus total absence of responsibility.
That is, pornography.
Cyberspace is an apotheosis of hyperreality.
In this sense, it is pornographic throughout.

Pornography is not necessarily a description of sexual act.
Pornography is neither images nor texts.
Pornography is a total availability on demand.
There is no sense to fight against pornography as a fact, while silently accepting it as a principle.

There is no sense to look for pornography on the Internet since the Internet is pornographic in itself.

Enter the Prossesion of Simulacra